I'm Joshua Villarino

Kicker - Culver-Stockton College 2024

Martial Artist

   1st Degree Black Belt Kenpo

Multi Instrumentalist


Kicking and Punting Youth Coach

Local Community Volunteer


I'm Joshua Villarino

Ballard High School Senior

Ballard Athlete

Ballard Dance Team Member

Football Kicker and Punter

Student Pilot

Martial Artist

1st Degree Black Belt

Multi Instrumentalist

Kicking and Punting Youth Coach

Local Community Volunteer


About Me

  Kicker at Culver-Stockton College Class of 2024

I'm currently a Kicking Youth Coach at VillarinoKicking.com

I have competed in several National Kicking Competition in the US since 2017 and ranked as a 4 star kicker in Washington State.

Martial Artist - 1st Degree Black Belt Kenpo

I'm a Multi-Instrumentlist and play the drums, guitar, bass and sing.

Basic information

Personal Details

Website: https://joshuavillarino.com

Hometown: USA, Seattle, Washington

Age: 18

Email: Joshua@JoshuaVillarino.com

Class of 2024

 Football Kicker

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 165 lbs

40 yd. Dash: 5.2

Shuttle: 4.72

Bench Max: 135

Clean Max: 165

Squat Max: 225

Vertical: 28

YouTube: TheJmanPlayer

MY PERSONAL passions

I'm Good At...

I played different positions in the past on the Ballard Football team as a QB, WR, Free Safety, and Kicker / Punter. My main focus for an athletic scholarship is to be a great Kicker and Punter. I'm going on my Senior year playing for the Ballard Beavers. Our program mantra "You Can Count On Me"

I started martial arts at the age of 4 1/2 years old and I have won over 13 trophies and medals during my regional and national competition. I'm currently a 1st degree black belt and I'm the student ambassador for the dojo and an assistant martial arts instructor at Zultimate teaching 5 to 12 year olds.

I started dancing when I was 5 years old and I was the first male ever in school history to be on the Ballard High School Dance Team. I recently received a dancing scholarship from Allegro Performing Arts during our Dance Camp in 2017.

I play the drums, guitar, bass, piano and I sing. I performed with my band "The Traits" at the Magnolia Summerfest in 2016. I also performed at our yearly school variety shows. My new band in HS is called "Dravus" and we will be performing in the upcoming Magnolia Summerfest 2019.

MY MOST RECENT skills in 2018

I received a Flight Academy Scholarship from the Red-Tailed Hawks Flying Club sponsored and funded by NASA through the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Program in 2018

Graduation Day 2018

MY experience

Work and Community Service


IT Web Support

BizWebIndustries, LLC / Seattle

I work as a support staff and provide level 1 website support and customer service. 

AUGUST 2016 - 2018

Community Volunteer

I volunteered during the 2016 Seafair Magnolia Summerfest. I have over 150 community hours.

JANUARY 2016 - AUGUST 2018

Chamber of Commerce Volunteer

Magnolia Chamber / Seattle

I volunteered my time at the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce during special events.

May 2018 - PRESENT

Volunteer Youth Mentor

I'm a volunteer student pilot and a youth mentor for young students that are interested in learning aviation and flying.

October 2018 - PRESENT

Kicking / Punting Youth Coach

A passion project for mentoring young aspiring kickers and punters from ages 10 to 16 years old which I volunteer my free time.


My Studies

AUG 2020 - MAY 2024

Culver-Stockton College

Canton, Missouri

Majoring in Sports Management

SEPT 2016 - JUNE 2020

Ballard High School

Ballard / Seattle, WA

General Studies - Senior Graduating 2020.

SEPT 2012 - JUNE 2016

Catharine Blaine K-8

Magnolia / Seattle, WA

General Studies

SEPT 2010 - JUN 2012

Lawton Elementary School

Magnolia / Seattle, WA

General Studies

College Interest

Committed to Culver-Stockton College, Canton Missouri 2024 on a Football and Academic Scholarship.

College Major Interest

Entrepreneurship, and Sports Management

My Accomplishments

Athletic AWARD 2018

Norbcam Interview with Joshua Villarino Seahawks Athlete of the Week 11-30-18

Washington state US Marines Semper Fidelis All AMerican Athlete AWARD 2019

Joshua was nominated from 25,000 high school junior athletes across the country and only 96 students with their mentors were selected to attend an all expense paid to the Battle Won Academy in Washington D.C. in July for four days and out of those students they selected 12 student-athletes, six boys and six girls, to film their story of their life battles which Joshua was selected. Out of the 96 student-athletes one boy and one girl will be awarded the National Semper Fi All American Athlete Award for 2019 and a $20,000 scholarship and will have access to other scholarship opportunities. All the student-athletes will have an opportunity to network with an elite circle of speakers, celebrities, pro athletes, and CEO's from all walks of life and various industries.

Battle Won Academy Introduction

Battle Won Academy Day 1

Battle Won Academy Day 2

Battle Won Academy Day 3

STEM scholarship AWARD 2018

Captain Villarino

Local community AWARD 2017

Meet Me In Magnolia Magazine 

November Youth Achiever of the Month 2017

If you are interested in joining Zultimate please mention my name at the dojo and they will give you a Free Introductory Class.

Joshua Villarino 1st Degree Black Belt & Master Eszlinger 7th Degree Black Belt

Joshua Villarino 1st Degree Black Belt

Joshua Villarino 1st Degree Black Belt & Ballard Sensei Jennifer 4th Degree Black Belt


Scholarship Recipients

Front row (L to R):  Chloe, Ali, Franny, Jayden, Ana
Middle row (L to R):  Emily, Abby, Celia, Angela 
Back row (L to R):  Maddie, Josh, Emma 
Captains:  Ali and Franny 
Officer in Training:  Abby

2018 BHS Dance Team State Championship Hip-Hop Performance

2018 Dance Team Banquet

2018 Top Six Male Rookie of the Year Nominees.

2018 Yearbook Featured Story

My Proudest Moment in History

My grandmother and I receiving my grandfathers Congressional Gold Medal the highest civilian award bestowed by the United States Congress signed by President Obama December 14, 2016.

My Grandfather Joseph M. Villarino Sr.

"E" Battery, 91st Coastal Artillery Unit (Philippine Scout), Prisoner of War, Bataan Death March Survivor Korean War, and Retired Philippine Scout / US Army Veteran.


WSU Special Teams Coach Brock

Placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place 2015

Placed 1st and 2nd Place Weapons Division

UW Kicking Camp 2018 w/Head Coach Chris Petersen.

Placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place 2013

Placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place 2017

UW Kicking Camp 2019 w/Assistant Coach Gregory

Punting 2018

Field Goal 2018

Chris Sailer & Joshua Villarino Las Vegas XXXIV May 2019


Dance Team Camp 2017

Ballard Dance Team 5th and 7th Place in the State Competition

Seattle Seahawks Punter Michael Dickson and Quarterback Russell Wilson


My Accomplishments

UW Field Goals 3/3 40 YDS 2018

2019 All-Metro Sound Recognition

Regular Season Win 8-0

Honorable Mention:

Kicker - Josh Villarino - Senior

Total Kickoff Yardage: 2,885 yards

Total Kickoffs: 60

Total Average Kickoffs: 48 yards

Total Longest Average Kickoffs: 56 yards

Total Touchbacks: 6

Ballard Beaver Day 2018

Ballard Homecoming Assembly 2017

BHS Winter Showcase 2017

Joshua Kata Form 1st Place 2017

Joshua Sparring 2nd Place 2017

Joshua Weapons 2nd Place 2015

Joshua Weapons 1st Place 2015


Old Red Fire House Teen Center



Seattle Club Sur


Ballard High School Men's Ensemble

Homecoming Game



Holman Grove Street

Festival 06/27/19

Ballard HS Winter Concert 2019:

Carmina Burana

Contact Details

You can contact me by phone or email.

Phone number

Home or Text Me @ 206.414.9314

Email Address


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